What is IMEI?

IMEI, otherwise known as International Mobile Equipment Identification, is a series of numbers that identifies key elements of the phone that it can be registered to a single user and reported stolen if necessary. This IMEI is also used for identification in phone tracing methods and terrorist activities identification. This number is printed or etched onto the phone behind the battery so that it may be found when necessary.

The information that the IMEI is able to store on the phone is amazing. Not only is each number different, but each number can explain the origin of the phone, the model, and the serial number. This can come in handy if the phone is stolen or if the phone needs to be used as evidence for any legal action. The original purpose of this IMEI number was so that if the phone were to get stolen, the phone owner could call the network provider and have the phone blocked so that it could not be used with any provider. This purpose has been expanded to cover phone identification for legal processes.

In addition to the IMEI being located behind or under the battery, one can locate the number on the phone. For those new phones, one simply has to dial the phone and wait for it to answer. For phones that have been refurbished, one should check to see if the number the phone gives verses the engraved number are the same and should contact your provider if not. If the IMEI numbers between the phone and the engraving do not match, one should call their provider and ensure that it is not going to cause problems later for them.

Because the IMEI is the identification number of the phone and is often used to deter phone theft, it is illegal in many places to own the equipment or to perform the act of physically changing the IMEI on a phone. The act of or the ability to change the IMEI on a phone would make it possible to use a stolen phone that has been banned by the phone service providers. This then encourages theft and makes it difficult to track the phone. In some cases, this can be punishable in a court of law.

To guard against the purposeful changing of the numbers and the incorrect entry of an IMEI number, the phone companies have created a check number that can be derived from the numbers in the IMEI. This number helps by making it impossible for an individual to change then numbers without upsetting the charge mouth.

Analog vs Digital Satellite Tv Receivers

In today's world, communications are of utmost importance, there is absolutely no doubt about that. Satellite tv is one of the technological breakthroughs of the 20th century. Made possible because of the massive satellite fleets deployed by different companies and with different purposes, satellite tv has in a way revolutionized communications.

The communications satellites of different companies relay on an increasingly diverse range of TV programming. And when it comes to the options you have for your satellite tv receiver, this will greatly depend on the very nature of the satellite tv service you desire to view. There are satellite tv programs which are (FTA). FTA is an abbreviation from "free to air". However, there are other satellite tv services which are encrypted, and are only available to subscribers of various satellite tv companies.

Another important distinction must also be made between satellite tv services which are analog and those which are digital. The analog services are based on electromagnetic waves that vary in their frequency. I am sure you have heard of the term FM, which is short for frequency modulation. Also, analogue transmissions can vary in intensity. In the latter case, the process is called amplitude modulation, or AM.

But digital signals are a different story entirely. And yes, we have entered in the digital age, where everything is made up from many 0s and 1s. This is also how a digital signal is broadcast, in a series of binary digits called bits. 1 means on, 0 means off, and this is how information is actually transmitted to the computer circuitry.

When speaking about the costs of an analog satellite tv receiver, it depends on the number of features offered (as every other electronic product). There are some low cost receivers which equal the high priced items in quality. However, there is a downside. And the downside is the fact that the operator must remember all the adjustments that need to be made and execute them, with each satellite tv broadcast.

However, since we are in the digital era, there are dozens of digital satellite tv services which are emerging all over the place. And their number will only increase in the following years, there is absolutely no doubt about that. The question of MPEG compliance is a very debatable issue though.

And another difference from the analogue services is the fact that digital services are usually a part of a big package, which consists in a wide array of channel options. This is because digital compression makes combining more channels in a single digital stream possible. This is how "bouquets" are created, and these packages have a great appeal to people who always want "all in one". Having multiple channels in a single package is very convenient, as more and more types of tv stations emerge all over the world. These stations are very specialized. If you want to want sports, entertainment, or everything else and from over the world, there never has been a better time for that with the help of digital satellite tv.

All You Need To Know About Proxy Sites

The proxy server connects the computer you use and the Internet. The Internet is used for accessing information, as we all know, and the proxy server helps with checking the information. With a proxy server, the information you try to access, will first get transmitted to that and only then reach your computer.

With proxies, one will talk about the security one needs while using the Internet as well as increasing the speed if you are downloading files. There are anonymous proxy servers, which could help you hide the IP address. With this, anyone trying to gain access to your computer through the Internet may not be able to do so.

Anonymous proxies can be used for any web pages, including free email sites. Proxies will help you transfer files at a faster speed, and also connect you to the Internet at a faster pace. Any kind of information you need will be instantly given to you. The most important advantage of proxies, is your privacy. It protects you from malicious Internet users.

Proxy sites will also allow you to surf the web without anyone’s knowledge. This is especially useful for secret agencies and government organizations. It will help you redirect the request for information that you have asked for, thereby making you anonymous. There are even three types of proxy servers, and they are transparent, anonymous and high anonymity.

The first one is applicable only for high transfer, the second may quote that you are using a proxy, but the third allows you to be completely anonymous. Using proxies is claimed to be legal, as there are people even offering these services to the public. These servers are very similar to web servers. There is no such rule that the Internet has to be used only in a certain way, as it is for public use.

Thus anyone can use proxies, if they think they feel vulnerable with the use of the Internet. This is a great way to maintain privacy with the other users. But we also need to be careful of certain proxies. They may be associated with hackers.

It is not at all difficult to get a proxy list. It is easily available on search engines, and anyone needing that can obviously gain access to them as soon as they need. While one may not be immediately familiar with the use of the proxies, a little time and research will help the user become familiar very easily.