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SEO Tools

For you to generate more and more better, in both quality and quantity wise, traffic on your website, you need to learn the SEO techniques and tools.

SEO could be enhanced in three ways which are categorized as:



By technical SEO, we mean the non-content material related to your website.
It is basically about enhancing and improving the backend foundation and structure of your website. 

Improving technical SEO, results in better readability of the website, through which the search engines can easily understand what a website is actually about. It also then becomes user-friendly and gives a good user experience which ultimately results in more traffic and greater engagement rates.

SEO included in technical SEO is:

  1. Indexing
  2. Site architecture and structure
  3. Site speed
  4. Security
  5. Structure of Data
  6. User-friendliness

You can check the state and status of the technical SEO of your website by using a tool called Alexa’s SEO Audit Tool. This tool could help you know the status of your multiple technical elements on your website along with instructions for you to solve the technical issues if there are any.

Other tools that you can use for checking out your technical SEO’s status are: Google Analytics, Google Page speed insights, WebPagetest, Screaming Frog etc.


On-Page SEO is related to the contents of your website. IT is about optimizing individual pages on your website. On-Page SEO helps the search engines understand what content is being sold on your website and makes sure if your website is a valuable source for the people or not.

On-page SEO includes:

Keyword Research: 

Search for the best keywords that you could use within the content of your website’s pages.

Keyword Optimization: 

Using the right keywords in the right places in your website in the right numbers. It also involves the use of good meta-tag SEO.

Good Content Creation: 

Creating and Publishing high quality content, that is unique and according to a user’s searched target keywords.

Famous SEO tools, like Onpage and SEO Crawler, help you use their keyword difficulty tools to search for the right and relevant keywords that are ranked high in low-competition keywords so that you can target them on your website and get more traffic.


Off-Page SEO techniques help you strengthen your website’s relationship with other websites. With the help of Off-Page SEO techniques, you can build a better reputation and authority of your website. Off-Page SEO techniques help Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bingo make sure that your website is an ideal search result for people because it is a trustworthy, reliable and reputable website on the internet.

Mostly Off-page SEO involves including in your website high-quality backlinks. If there are several websites that are pointing back to your website, it increases the credibility, authenticity and reliability of your website because in this way search engines get to know that your website is valuable and established. You could gain these high-quality backlinks and trust signals via variety of guest posting techniques and links building.

Just like the other two SEO techniques, Off-Page SEO can be enhanced with multiple other tools like Check my links, Internet Archive and Linkclump etc. to see a map of other websites that share the same content as you do on your website so that other websites could share their audience with you or you could share your audience with them. In this way, you can achieve guest blogging outreach strategy to gain and reach the targeted audience and increases your chances and opportunity to attract more traffic on your website.

Also, to create a better SEO plan, you need to focus on all three techniques so that you can be on the top most position of search engine results.

How to Earn Money Online

Whether you are looking for ways to make fast cash or if you are into a long-term sustainable income-producing results- there are numerous ways to start making money online from this day and this moment. The truth behind making money online is not as complicated as it seems to be or as some people have really made it complex. Although, it requires some discipline, but anyone can learn how to earn good figures online.

If you’re looking for realistic ways to start earning money from this point, then you might have to a little bit of hard work before you’re completely soaked into the procedure of making good amount. Some ways will provide you immediate results, some will help you pay your house bills and avail basic everyday necessities- while there are some ways that will help to revolutionize your finances in long terms.

Here, you will be told some genuine ways of starting to generate your online revenue from today.

Online Surveys:

A very popular and famous way for students to earn money online is by filling out the survey forms in their free time. There are research companies that are recruiting new people to test their products and give back honest feedback.

There are some that you can try, which are: New Vista, Panel Base, Onepoll, 
Opinion Outpost, Prolific etc.

You may also sign up with “Swagbucks” that will reward you not just for filling the survey forms but for simply surfing the web, playing videos and games.

Review Web Sites and Apps for Cash

Looks like that you’re quite nifty with the web browsers, well it’s time for you to turn into a professional person and start browsing the websites as a fun-paid job! is a platform that pays people for reviewing any kind of website. It takes your 15 minutes to review a website and in return you get $10 via PayPal.

Stat a Blog

This can be the number one way you could start earning money today! If you are not sure about what really a blog is – A blog is a way to share your personal thoughts, feelings and teachings online. You can start a self-hosted blog by using platforms like

After you have signed up here, you can select your favorite theme, and create related pages on your blog site. You can have an About page, Contact Page, Home Page, Courses Page, Contents Page etc. You would need to have privacy policy and Disclaimer page to use your blog for monetizing strategies.

With your site ready to go, you can start writing blogs for your audience everyday by choosing a topic and sharing your personal thoughts on it. On your site, you could also sell freelancing writing services.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are an active person on different social media apps, or perhaps you own a personal website or blog page, you can start earning money by marketing all sort of brands, companies, services and products etc.

By signing up “Awin network“as a publisher, check out their merchant listing or offers they have made, find out what out what would grab the interest of your friends the most, grab your affiliate link and share it with your friends on your website, blog or social media profile etc. If someone buys (within up to 90 days – you can make a good commission!)

Freelancing is an Israeli based website that was started 2010 on which you can offer gigs (services) starting from $5. You can sell almost anything on fiverr in which you excel. It could be article writing, graphic designing, logos creation, website developing, Email marketing, virtual assistance etc.

There are many more great alternatives of fiverr where you can sell your services like and

What is 5G Technology?

What is 5G?

By 5G, we mean “FIFTH GENERATION” is another upcoming international standard that would operate the working and communication of mobile networks. 5G will be offering several new mobile phone capabilities including much higher speed, enormous storage capacity and more reliable connections among mobile phones.

Combining the two concepts of cutting-edge technology and latest research, 5G would be offering a connection network that would be extremely faster than the present connection 4G. The upcoming 5G network is said to provide a rise in the technology of Internet Of Things, with an infrastructure that would be capable of holding large amount of data and would more the world even more smarter and connected with each other.

While the development od 5G technology is underway, it is expected that it will be launched in near future i.e. 2020 that would be working alongside with the existing 3G and 4G connections so that better and speedier connections could be provided despite of the location you are at.

How Fast is 5G?

The speed 5G is/will provide will be different for different countries, cities, carries, mobile sets but generally the speed offered will be much higher than the speed being offered right now on existing 4G’s network.

5G speed had been tested in several areas within USA and UK, and the speed were found to be of a mixed bag.

What is so Good About 5G?

5G has kept people extremely excited for its launch. Where an HD movie could be downloaded through a 4G connection in 30 minutes, it is said that 5G network would allow the users to download the same HD movie in 25 seconds  with a networking speed of 500Mbps – 1500Mbps.

Is 5G Launched Yet?

Verizon, is the first place in the global which has as yet launched 5G at the start of April and has surprised the world.

Also, it is very limitedly available in some parts of Chicago with speed up to 1.4Gbps (which is comparatively faster than the existing 300Mbps of 4G network – although its average speed is even slower than 100Mbps) and there are only two handsets that support the usage of 5G network on them.

Dialog Axiata, Sri Lankan telecommunication company is the first from South Asia to launch 5G network and they have demonstrated 1.4 Gbps speed in their network.

However, the 5G coverage is patchy and the top speed of 5G could be availed only at some 5G masts existing at some good distance. 

In London, 5G offers a speed of 200Mbps – 500Mbps, still speedier than the existing 4G network but not as speedy as the one being offered in Chicago. 

Does the World Really Need Faster Internet?

May be not. Actually, the speed increase of 5G connectivity is so how that it has become impossible for the mobile network carriers to come up with a practical example of how fast it really is. In general, anything that you would do with a 5G connection would be incredibly instant and could only be limited by other factors other than the speed.

While fast connectivity would convince the users to pay more for a 5G network, the real advantages provided by the 5G connectivity are less sexy: latency, capacity and coverage.

What Phone Models Support 5G?

In 2019, several phones that supported 5G were announced but only a handful are available in the market and the choice is furthermore restricted and limited by carrier providers and countries.
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Motorola's 5G Moto Mod in USA provides the service and facility of using 5G connectivity. 

Phones like Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, LG V50 ThinQ 5G, Oppo Reno 5G and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Huawei Mate X are available that can be used to facilitate yourself with the connectivity of fifth-generation. 

Apple iOS 13.0: New Features and Review

On June 3, 2019, Apple introduced its latest operating system iOS 13.0 at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote event. iOS has overtaken the previous existing versions of iOS, with a never-ending list of new features added into it.

Faster App Launch Time

Apple has continued with its special feature of Optimization which was introduced in iOS 12, which made iOS 13 even faster, efficient and reliable. The update times of apps have also been improved. The launch time of apps has been made two times faster than the previous one. Also, download timings of apps have been drastically reduced up to 50% and moreover, Face ID has been made 30% faster.

Dark Mode

Another feature that has been introduced in iOS 13 is the new system-wide Dark Mode, with which you can change the complete look of the OS from light to dark. You can also set special timings on which you want any of the particular mode.

Photo Highlights

A new feature introduced in photos is the HIGHLIGHTS - that tends to show you the memories from your life categorized by day, month and year. The organization of your pictures has been made intelligent that makes your picture browsing fun and easier to use.

Now you can also use the picture editing tools for your video editing – which means now you can crop, rotate and apply your favorite filter on the selected video.

New Privacy Features

Moving onto some privacy features, Apple is now giving you an sign option that would allow you to sign into your applications and websites to make your data securer and safer. You would have to authenticate your Apple ID with Touch ID or Face ID and as for the developers are concerned, they will not see your real information but a random ID.

Random Email Address

Apple can now give away random email addresses for single purpose usage. Which means that now you do not have to give away your original email address on to websites and applications. This has also been made more secure by introducing Two-factor authentication.

New Features on MAP

Apple will now inform you if there would be any application that is using your location details in the background. It has new controls for limiting location data that is shares with apple applications.
The MAP application has also been updated with wider, clearer and better road coverage. It now also provides precise addresses and enhanced details about the landcover. The update is now available to some states and cities in the US and will be completely rolled out in entire USA later in 2019.

Updated Reminders

Reminders have been updated as well. The app has been even more user-friendly and fun to play around it. It’s even easier to keep track of the reminders with the new toolbar that lets you add dates, flags, locations, times and much more. You can now also tag other people in your reminders so that when you message that person, the reminder pops up.

Profile for Message App

There is this new Profile Feature in the Messages app, which allows you to share your name and a picture with your friends. Apple has also added tons of new Memoji icons which you can also use in emails and other applications.

Siri is More Natural

Siri is now out with new voices that will sound very natural to you. Siri can now assist you with live radio and can access for you different stations from TuneIn, etc.

The new Air pods feature makes Siri read out your incomings loud as soon as they arrive in your message box. Also, you could ask Siri to reply to your messages without you having to stop from your other activity.

This was an extremely small list of what iOS 13.0 has brought for its loyal customers. We’ll be updating the list from time to time because will not stop updating and upgrading its operating system any sooner.

What is SEO? - Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is basically is a process, strategy, technique, tactics and methodology that is used to enhance the quality and quantity of traffic or number of visitors that are coming to your website. It is usually done by improving your ranking in different algorithmic searches that different search engines use to display the matched websites. 

A research has proved that the websites that are displayed on the first page of a search are certainly clicked 95% and those results or websites that are shown on the top of that search page get even more traffics and clicks through rate (known as CTR). The ranking of a webpage is based on the Google algorithm. SEO is a technique about using “white hats” ways that webpage owners and website content providers use to achieve better position in search engine results.

SEO, when explained briefly, can be summed up into three points:

  • Improving Quality of Traffic:

You can attract anyone from around the world to your website, but if someone is coming to your website because Google is telling them that you are a seller of Apple Phones, but in reality, you are just a farmer who’s selling apples, then you are not targeting quality traffic. You are supposed to attract the kind of traffic that is genuinely interested in buying what you are selling.

  • Improving Quantity of Traffic:

Once you have started targeting the right kind of traffic to your page through the search engine result pages, it is even better for you to have more of that kind of traffic now.

  • Displaying Organic Results:

There are innumerable kinds of ads that are a significant part of multiple search engine result pages (that you have to pay for) – Organic results originate organic traffic for your page that you do not have to pay for.

Organic search traffic is more specifically the unpaid traffic of visitors that comes to your website without you having to pay for it.

How does SEO Works?

Complex algorithms help return best matched results to you when you search something on a search engine (Google, Yahoo or Bingo). These algorithms are called Search Engine Ranking Factors. These factors consider some special factors and decide about which web page needs to be shown on the first place, and which one on the second place.

To check authenticity and genuineness of a page, Google uses an algorithm called “Page Rank” (which is an algorithm based on hyperlink) – Moreover, Google uses “Link Building” that boost the quality and number of “inbound links” related to a website.

Therefore, SEO makes sure that a website is technically sound, uses words and tags that people mostly use in their searches and is timely accessible to people. Moreover, it provides high quality content, is user friendly and has relatable content available which answers a user’s problem or query.

Why SEO is Important?

Today’s internet market is a very competitive place. If you want to survive and excel in whatever you are selling on the internet, you need to know the importance of SEO. SEO is important because it makes your website prominent and visible to a great amount of people. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bingo etc. help innumerable people who are looking for answers of their queries or problems. If you are an online seller selling something on your online store, SEO can help you grow your business and meet your desired goals in very less time span (only if you truly know how SEO really works).

SEO can be done through many ways – There are multiple techniques that can help you enhance the SEO of your website. It could be done through OFF PAGE SEO, ON PAGE SEO or TECHNICAL SEO.