eSim Technology

eSIM stands for Embedded SIM. It's an institutionalized SIM chip open to different versatile administrators all around. 

Which means, in the event that you have an eSIM you don't need to replace one SIM card with another when switching bearer (transporters are phone organizations that give cell administration). Since the eSIM can be modified remotely, it enables you to pick another transporter by simply informing the old and new supplier. With such an installed standard, the thought is that you can change to another administrator without embeddings a particular SIM card. It's everything done through programming.

eSIMs are presently progressively regular in IoT gadgets, tablets and vehicles however it won't discover acknowledgment in cell phones soon, as it's exorbitant, complex and will presumably incorporate some underlying developing agonies. 

The new Apple iPhone XS and XS Max support the generally new eSIM innovation that additionally shows up in late iPad, Apple watch and Google Pixel 2 discharges. The thought behind the iPhone XS and XS Max, eSIM is to empower the main double SIM iPhone. As opposed to including an additional space for an extra nano-SIM. You'll have the option to buy in to a system utilizing your telephone.

Advantages of eSIM:

 Here we are listing sonme of the core advantages of eSIM technology:


There are many advantages to the new eSIM and one of them is users are able to easily switch to their preferred operators without changing a physical sim card. Plus, it also helps remove the hassle of swapping sim cards, services, or even carry more than one phone to stay connected for international travelers. Instead of having to go find a local sim store when you are overseas, everything can just be done on your smartphone settings and -poof– coverage when you are overseas. Each operator will put restrictions on how often or quickly one can switch. All it takes is to get the balance right.

More Space

These devices technically will not need a sim tray, it will save more space for storage, a better design for the smartphones, better capacity for water resistance and others. It will be an advantage for hardware manufacturers to design a more gadgety smart device in the future.


The savings in roaming services will be another advantage, as when traveling abroad will receive online offers local operators in the visited country and can instantly join these rates to browse and call cheaper. Operators will probably accommodate services and offers for travelers.


The new e-SIM also allows us to have more than two phone numbers associated with our smart device. Users can also use one phone number on different smart devices. This means that users can keep business numbers and personal numbers separate by keeping two numbers on the same SIM and potentially turn off one number outside business hours or choose to ignore that call. No clients getting your private number…very handy.

Reduces Risk

And finally, the eSIM eliminates the risk of a damaged or lost SIM card. Also in the case of phone theft, the eSIM cannot be taken out but there is a high chance of tracking your phone and getting your eSIM data back.

Disadvantages of eSIM:


While the eSIM will have more benefits, it will still have its limitations. Firstly, we have to carefully consider its disadvantages. Even though eSIM offers security and the ability to be reprogrammed, there is a concern of hacking into the cloud hosting the eSIM and in addition, it cannot be physically removed from the device.

Transfer of credentials into a different device

Another concern will be the need to transfer our eSIM from a smartphone to another if the first one breaks. So, what happens when your smartphones get damaged and it refuses to turn on at all? Or you are the type that changes your smartphones frequently? With the previous physical SIM card, we can do that simply by removing the sim card from the sim tray. The eSIM will probably have to go through a long process just to get the eSIM working again on your new device. Though this issue may be more simplified overtime in the future with the aid of the mobile operators.


In addition, it remains to be seen how quickly this implementation will be to operators for this new technology. It could happen to hit the market on some smartphones with eSIM that cannot be used with some operators as some may that have not yet implemented this standard.

What is Facebook Instant Articles?

What is Facebook Instant Articles?

Instant Article is an instrument that is intended for media originators to allocate fast and cooperative articles for their book lovers within the Facebook mobile app and Messenger. By using the same platform, we can load instant articles, photos, and videos. Through this platform, we can load up to ten times faster than an ordinary mobile web article. There are two forms of ads in Instant Articles:

Publicists on Facebook can choose an instant article for both new and current crusades.
Producers can include their direct-sold crusades.

Instant Articles were made to resolve a specific problem or slow loading times on the mobile web. The Facebook-native issuing platform contains a whole host of collaborating features that help stories come to life on mobile, with auto-play video and tap-to-zoom image galleries.

How to get Instant Articles?

There are some steps to get instant articles and they are given below:

1. Sign up:

The first thing we need to do to get up and running is to sign up to join the program. we can do this at 

One thing must be kept in mind that to start publishing, we must have an existing Facebook Page and have the Admin part of the Page.

2. Select our Facebook Page:

After signing up we’ll be certain the opportunity to select which Page we would like to trigger articles for.

3. Claim for URL:

Once we have chosen our Facebook Page, we will be requested to deliver a URL we propose to use for articles. This URL will help as the source for the URLs of all our posts.
For example,

To claim for our URL, we require to need a meta tag to our HTML tag and then add the URL to the settings. 

Note: All the required information we need to do this can be found in the Instant Articles Settings.

4. Produce articles:

During testing, Facebook exposed that publishers need a single tool to publish articles to the web, mobile apps, or any other places book lovers see their content. As such, articles can be available directly from the Content Management System, there is no need to reproduce articles on Facebook.

we can sync our blog with Instant Articles via Facebook’s publishing tools, an RSS feed and by using an API. Here’s a quick rundown of the options offered:

5.    Linking with WordPress:

If we practice WordPress to power our blog, Facebook has formed a plugin to streamline the procedure of producing Instant Articles. This is likely to be the fastest and easiest mode to get set up with Instant Articles.

6. Publishing tools:

Along with the WordPress plugin, Facebook has teamed up with many publishing or printing podiums to generate unified integration with Instant Articles. Publishing Tools contains integrations with:

Perk Distributed

7. Customize style:

Facebook gives us the choice to modify the styling of our articles throughout setup. Here we can upload a logo and select which fonts are used throughout the articles. Font selections are currently inadequate to the Helvetica Neue and Georgia font families.

8. Submit for Assessment:

After we have accomplished the above phases, we can submit our feed to be reviewed by Facebook to verify that all articles produced from our website are appropriately structured. Facebook currently purposes to analysis all proposals with 24-48 hours.

How to Make Money with Facebook Instant Articles?

People don’t know much about Facebook Instant Articles and these could potentially be an alternative cause of online income. To initiate publishing on this Facebook platform, we should have an existing FB page with a supervision role status.

There are some ways through which we can make money with Facebook Instant Articles:

1. Get paid:

Facebook Audience Network refers to payment via direct deposit or PayPal every month. To set-up, our choice of payment method, go to:

·        Publishing Tools
·        Instant Articles Configuration
·        Dashboard
·        Audience Network 
·        Payout

Then click the ‘create or select the payout button and fill in the tax form.

2. Insert Ad Placement:

Go to the Dashboard and click:

Get Code

Save it and find our “Placement ID,” copy it and go to the Instant Articles advanced settings, where we will paste the Placement ID onto your “Audience Network Placement ID.” Wait for our application to get accepted.

Join Facebook Audiences Network:

To monetize our Instant Articles, we have to sign up for the Facebook Audience Network. This is Facebook’s CPM platform, which pays its publishers an eCPM (effective cost per mille) rate based on the volume of traffic articles get and countries where traffic comes from.

The cool thing about Facebook’s Audience Network is that we don’t have to devote hours testing ad placements and clickthrough rates since we’ll make money just with the traffic our articles bring. Plus, it can work along with AdSense perfectly, if you format your articles with an AdSense banner.

Become a Facebook Developer:

Sign up for a Facebook Developer account to have our App ID. After we have effectively registered, check out the “App Secret” information on the dashboard and click the “show button.” 

Go to: 
Select Website

When the pop up to “add platform” shows up. Enter the URL and save the changes we have made.

Note: We can make a lot of money with Google AdSense as well.

Huawei New Operating System: HarmonyOS

There were many rumors that Huawei is trying to generate its own operating system for phones, tablets and other smart devices, an insurance in that case it lost access to Google’s Android software. And now is confirmed by the Chinese company at Huawei Developer Conference, where they openly revealed the new operating system HarmonyOS, a cross-device stage earlier known as HongMeng.

What is HarmonyOS:

According to Yu, just like android, HarmonyOS will be an open basis that will allow developers to adapt it for their hardware and open the potential for a broader grip of the platform. Yu also said that it will take some time to migrate from android to HarmonyOS and this cross-device operating system will support a wide range of app languages like Android, Linux and HTML5.

Earlier, Huawei stated some ambiguity about its capability to use Android in future devices as it waited for Commerce Department clearance in the wake of the Trump administration's restrictions.

Huawei executive Catherine Chen approved that HarmonyOS was being built, but said it wasn't for phones. She said it was initially considered for internet of things (IoT) devices like smart TVs, and that it covers far fewer lines of code than a phone OS.

Huawei creator and CEO Ren Zhengfei allegedly resonated the IoT point but bragged that the homegrown OS is about 60% faster than Android, signifying that it had in fact been made for phones. Ren also said HarmonyOS devices will necessitate their own app store.

What are the technical functions for HarmonyOS?

According to Huawei its new operating system HarmonyOS contains four technical functions:

HarmonyOS will facilitate the developers to build compatibles app that will be able to work cross-device.

  • HarmonyOS has new microkernel style and reliable execution environment that will strengthen security.
  • To increase the speed of operating system, machine learning is used in HarmonyOS and in this way, the app speed will boost up to 25.7%.
  • HarmonyOS will be able to use in different devices such as tablets, phones, wearables, TVs, and computer etc.

When will we get the first HarmonyOS devices?

Later in 2019, HarmonyOS firstly come in smart TVs and other smart screen devices. Very soon we will see HarmonyOS in wearables, car infotainment system and more.

According to a report, the first HarmonyOS-powered phone will be launched in 2019 but at international level, HarmonyOS will be released in 2020, and the cost of such a device will be $290 or 2.000-yuan. Huawei also presented specifics about the future updates to EMUI 10, its improved version of Android earlier known as Emotion UI, which it's sticking with for now.

According to Huawei software head wang Chenglu, the future Mate 30 phone will ship with the software and highlight cross-device compatibility. EMUI 10 phone users will be able to answer calls via smart TV integration and beam their phone screen onto a laptop display. The phones are also constructed to assimilate with drones and cars. And we are merging the laptop and the phone into a new device as well.

As we know that Huawei is a gigantic player in smartphones that has second largest market share and that’s why it would be foolish to fully terminate HarmonyOS. In the last few years, all the systems and platforms have jumped up in china to say thanks due to its vast customer base so in case of HarmonyOS failure of catching on ultramarine, the Chinese users would be enough to drive its progress.

What does the US prohibition have to do with HarmonyOS?

Google sealed Huawei devices out of Android updates because of the US-imposed prohibition. The Commerce Department decided Huawei a three-month general license in late May to update existing devices. In the weeks that followed, Huawei apparently had the name "Hongmeng" trademarked in China and Peru, telling that it was formulating for a move away from Android. 

Huawei company requested to the designers of Google Play Store to issue apps in its AppGallery.

A nameless developer issued an email Huawei outwardly sent that presented support in the evolution and free access to the Huawei Developer portal.

It's tough to introduce a new operating system platform from scratch and rally developers behind it. Developers flock to big user bases, and right now that's Apple's iOS and Google's Android. 

Other big-name players have made the attempt. Microsoft tried in vain to make Windows Phone a thing, but it ultimately pulled the plug on the platform. Samsung has pushed Tizen for years, but it's largely transferred to its smartwatch. 

Even BlackBerry, with a recognized base of smartphone users, tried and unsuccessful to introduce an up-to-date, app-based operating system. It ultimately unrestricted it for Android.

Yu stated that the operating system HarmonyOS could be installed and used at any time, which is nearby in that case when Android is no more reachable to Huawei devices.

WordPress SEO Plugins

For most of the websites, search engines are a key source of traffic. This is the main reason behind asking about to improve SEO of their WordPress sites. To overcome this problem, I am going to tell you about some best WordPress SEO Plugins and in this way you can SEO of your website.

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

This is one of the most important and using WordPress plugin of all time. WordPress SEO provides a complete solution regarding on-site SEO needs.

There are many features of WordPress SEO. It suggests us to put SEO title, meta explanation, and meta keywords to each post and page of the site. You can also add:

  • Category
  • Tag pages
  • Custom title for the main site
  • Open graph
  • Archives
  • Twitter cards
  • Sitemaps
  • Ping search engines


SEMnrush is a tool that is used to collect analytics, advertising strategies, organic keywords and intuitions from the competitors just for the purpose of improving SEO. SEMnrush is not free because there is no free lunch and that’s why it is a paid subscription, but it is using by thousands of the professionals all over the world. And SEMnrush offers us a massive wealth of data.

Google Keyword Planner:

This tool is totally free for Google’s advertisers and anyone can use it free of cost. The main function of this tool is to show the advertisers the keywords so that they can easily bid on for advertising purpose.

A content maker or a blogger can use this tool for finding keywords with:

  • High search volume 
  • High advertiser interest 
  • More importantly keywords, where you can easily outrank all other sites.

Currently present tools, is the best free keyword research tool.  It permits you to simply create keyword concepts by inputting in a keyword. These keyword propositions are collected from Google’s auto suggest feature.

These keyword propositions are a paragon of information. Google autocomplete propose keywords based on how often a keyword is used for the search. This means that the most outcomes are the most commonly searched terms on Google for that particular keyword.

Keyword Tool is astonishingly fast, and most prominently it is completely free for anyone to use. You can use it to improve content on your WordPress site. It also permits you to get keyword proposals from YouTube, Bing, and App Store as well.

Open Site Explorer:

Established by Moz, this free tool lets you to check data for any field name. You can see who is linking to that domain and what broadcaster texts they are using. Apart from that, Open Site Explorer offers a wealth of information like top pages, linking domains, which pages are linked on your site, etc.

This tool is free but has daily search limits for each person. To reveal the full power, you would need a Moz Pro Subscription which also becomes you access to their other tools as well.


OutreachPlus is the best email outreach software to crush your marketing goals. It comes with influential features like smart personalization, automatic responses, email insights like open, replied, links clicked, and more.

It is super easy to use and has built-in email client which guarantees that your emails don’t end up in spam. You can add multiple email accounts, follow up prospects, and get a 360-degree view of your crusades. This is a prodigious tool for reaching out to get backlinks, press mentions and linking with influencers. This will help you grow authority and bring traffic for your website.

Broken Link Checker:

Broken links can not only generate bad experience for your operators, but they can also disturb your site’s SEO. If you have been running a blog for some time, then you should check your site from time to time for broken links and fix them.

Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to find broken links on your WordPress site. You can then fix those links without even editing your posts. See our tutorial on how to fix broken links in WordPress with Broken Link Checker.

It is a highly useful plugin, and it’s absolutely free. The only downside is that it can become resource intensive and may slow down your server. Some hosting providers like WPEngine has already blocked this plugin on their servers.

Additional SEO Advises for WordPress Site Owners

Site speed is one of the main imperative aspect in search rankings. Fast loading sites can easily outrank slower websites. While you are spending a lot of time improving your content policy, give some of that time to advance your site speed.

Make sure your WordPress site loads fast. You can check your site speed on tools like Google Page Speed and Pingdom.

Always install and setup a caching plugin on your WordPress site. We recommend using W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. To give your site speed even more boost, you can set up a CDN service to work with your caching plugin. You should also upload improved images only. Images can affect your site’s speed and by optimizing them you can significantly improve your sites performance.

Lastly, if none of these tips are refining your page speed, then its most likely your web host’s fault. You need to move to a better hosting-provider. We recommend using Site-ground because they have completely improved servers to run WordPress sites.