Huawei New Operating System: HarmonyOS

There were many rumors that Huawei is trying to generate its own operating system for phones, tablets and other smart devices, an insurance in that case it lost access to Google’s Android software. And now is confirmed by the Chinese company at Huawei Developer Conference, where they openly revealed the new operating system HarmonyOS, a cross-device stage earlier known as HongMeng.

What is HarmonyOS:

According to Yu, just like android, HarmonyOS will be an open basis that will allow developers to adapt it for their hardware and open the potential for a broader grip of the platform. Yu also said that it will take some time to migrate from android to HarmonyOS and this cross-device operating system will support a wide range of app languages like Android, Linux and HTML5.

Earlier, Huawei stated some ambiguity about its capability to use Android in future devices as it waited for Commerce Department clearance in the wake of the Trump administration's restrictions.

Huawei executive Catherine Chen approved that HarmonyOS was being built, but said it wasn't for phones. She said it was initially considered for internet of things (IoT) devices like smart TVs, and that it covers far fewer lines of code than a phone OS.

Huawei creator and CEO Ren Zhengfei allegedly resonated the IoT point but bragged that the homegrown OS is about 60% faster than Android, signifying that it had in fact been made for phones. Ren also said HarmonyOS devices will necessitate their own app store.

What are the technical functions for HarmonyOS?

According to Huawei its new operating system HarmonyOS contains four technical functions:

HarmonyOS will facilitate the developers to build compatibles app that will be able to work cross-device.

  • HarmonyOS has new microkernel style and reliable execution environment that will strengthen security.
  • To increase the speed of operating system, machine learning is used in HarmonyOS and in this way, the app speed will boost up to 25.7%.
  • HarmonyOS will be able to use in different devices such as tablets, phones, wearables, TVs, and computer etc.

When will we get the first HarmonyOS devices?

Later in 2019, HarmonyOS firstly come in smart TVs and other smart screen devices. Very soon we will see HarmonyOS in wearables, car infotainment system and more.

According to a report, the first HarmonyOS-powered phone will be launched in 2019 but at international level, HarmonyOS will be released in 2020, and the cost of such a device will be $290 or 2.000-yuan. Huawei also presented specifics about the future updates to EMUI 10, its improved version of Android earlier known as Emotion UI, which it's sticking with for now.

According to Huawei software head wang Chenglu, the future Mate 30 phone will ship with the software and highlight cross-device compatibility. EMUI 10 phone users will be able to answer calls via smart TV integration and beam their phone screen onto a laptop display. The phones are also constructed to assimilate with drones and cars. And we are merging the laptop and the phone into a new device as well.

As we know that Huawei is a gigantic player in smartphones that has second largest market share and that’s why it would be foolish to fully terminate HarmonyOS. In the last few years, all the systems and platforms have jumped up in china to say thanks due to its vast customer base so in case of HarmonyOS failure of catching on ultramarine, the Chinese users would be enough to drive its progress.

What does the US prohibition have to do with HarmonyOS?

Google sealed Huawei devices out of Android updates because of the US-imposed prohibition. The Commerce Department decided Huawei a three-month general license in late May to update existing devices. In the weeks that followed, Huawei apparently had the name "Hongmeng" trademarked in China and Peru, telling that it was formulating for a move away from Android. 

Huawei company requested to the designers of Google Play Store to issue apps in its AppGallery.

A nameless developer issued an email Huawei outwardly sent that presented support in the evolution and free access to the Huawei Developer portal.

It's tough to introduce a new operating system platform from scratch and rally developers behind it. Developers flock to big user bases, and right now that's Apple's iOS and Google's Android. 

Other big-name players have made the attempt. Microsoft tried in vain to make Windows Phone a thing, but it ultimately pulled the plug on the platform. Samsung has pushed Tizen for years, but it's largely transferred to its smartwatch. 

Even BlackBerry, with a recognized base of smartphone users, tried and unsuccessful to introduce an up-to-date, app-based operating system. It ultimately unrestricted it for Android.

Yu stated that the operating system HarmonyOS could be installed and used at any time, which is nearby in that case when Android is no more reachable to Huawei devices.

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Apple iOS 13.0: New Features and Review

On June 3, 2019, Apple introduced its latest operating system iOS 13.0 at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote event. iOS has overtaken the previous existing versions of iOS, with a never-ending list of new features added into it.

Faster App Launch Time

Apple has continued with its special feature of Optimization which was introduced in iOS 12, which made iOS 13 even faster, efficient and reliable. The update times of apps have also been improved. The launch time of apps has been made two times faster than the previous one. Also, download timings of apps have been drastically reduced up to 50% and moreover, Face ID has been made 30% faster.

Dark Mode

Another feature that has been introduced in iOS 13 is the new system-wide Dark Mode, with which you can change the complete look of the OS from light to dark. You can also set special timings on which you want any of the particular mode.

Photo Highlights

A new feature introduced in photos is the HIGHLIGHTS - that tends to show you the memories from your life categorized by day, month and year. The organization of your pictures has been made intelligent that makes your picture browsing fun and easier to use.

Now you can also use the picture editing tools for your video editing – which means now you can crop, rotate and apply your favorite filter on the selected video.

New Privacy Features

Moving onto some privacy features, Apple is now giving you an sign option that would allow you to sign into your applications and websites to make your data securer and safer. You would have to authenticate your Apple ID with Touch ID or Face ID and as for the developers are concerned, they will not see your real information but a random ID.

Random Email Address

Apple can now give away random email addresses for single purpose usage. Which means that now you do not have to give away your original email address on to websites and applications. This has also been made more secure by introducing Two-factor authentication.

New Features on MAP

Apple will now inform you if there would be any application that is using your location details in the background. It has new controls for limiting location data that is shares with apple applications.
The MAP application has also been updated with wider, clearer and better road coverage. It now also provides precise addresses and enhanced details about the landcover. The update is now available to some states and cities in the US and will be completely rolled out in entire USA later in 2019.

Updated Reminders

Reminders have been updated as well. The app has been even more user-friendly and fun to play around it. It’s even easier to keep track of the reminders with the new toolbar that lets you add dates, flags, locations, times and much more. You can now also tag other people in your reminders so that when you message that person, the reminder pops up.

Profile for Message App

There is this new Profile Feature in the Messages app, which allows you to share your name and a picture with your friends. Apple has also added tons of new Memoji icons which you can also use in emails and other applications.

Siri is More Natural

Siri is now out with new voices that will sound very natural to you. Siri can now assist you with live radio and can access for you different stations from TuneIn, etc.

The new Air pods feature makes Siri read out your incomings loud as soon as they arrive in your message box. Also, you could ask Siri to reply to your messages without you having to stop from your other activity.

This was an extremely small list of what iOS 13.0 has brought for its loyal customers. We’ll be updating the list from time to time because will not stop updating and upgrading its operating system any sooner.